Emergency Management

Your emergency management program brings together a team of volunteers who help coordinate activities during an emergency.

Your time commitment is totally voluntary as we try to create overlap in all roles to allow for seasonal residents and other commitments.

Emergency Management Team Looking for Volunteers

We are looking for people who have some of these skills:

  • Communication: Familiar with the use of communication systems – radios – websites
  • Administration: Provide administrative support to the Emergency Coordinator and to the team.
  • Logistics: Background in the organization of equipment and procurement of necessary resources.
  • Transportation: Have the knowledge and skills to coordinate various transportation methods during an emergency.
    • Coordinate volunteers on off road vehicles for a wilderness operations
    • Coordinate boats for an evacuation of a remote cottage area
    • Coordinate vehicles to transport evacuees or volunteers during an emergency
  • Emergency Social Services: Individual or groups who could provide:
    • Support in our Emergency Evacuation Centre to register and help evacuees
    • Prepare emergency food
    • Provide a billet for evacuees or people stranded in Town during a weather event


If you or your group have any of these skills and would like to volunteer, please contact Warren Toderan, Emergency Coordinator 204-372-6393.