Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Fisher

The Rural Municipality of Fisher is located in the Interlake area of Manitoba. It is named for the Fisher River that flows through it and includes the communities of Fisher Branch, Broad Valley, Poplarfield, Fisherton, Hodgson, Sylvan and Zbaraz.


Dog at large

This dog was last seen heading west from the RM office at around 10:00 Am January 22, 2020.   it's friendly and doesn't have a collar.

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Are you prepared for the current weather

Environment and Climate Change Canada Click the link for information on the upcoming road and weather conditions. http://mscportal.edm.ab.ec.gc.ca/MBhighwaysWxUpdate/dailywxupdate.html

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If you see a fire or an emergency, please call


Don’t hesitate, just call 911!

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In the event of a Water or Sewer Emergency

Call your ward Councillor: For addresses north of Tache Street, contact Allan Lindal at (204) 364-2460 or cell # (204) 308-0270, for addresses south of Tache Street, contact Ron Gagaluk at (204) 372-6669 or cell # (204) 797-0158.

Stay up to date, or get other information from Manitoba Hydro.

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