The North-East Interlake Emergency Measures Region consists of three partners; Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton, Town of Arborg and RM of Fisher, and is governed by a Board representing the Councils of each of the communities. The purpose of the organization is to prepare for and manage serious emergencies or disasters. On a day-to-day basis, the program is administered by the Municipal Emergency Coordinator under the supervision of the North-Interlake Emergency Measures Board.

The NEIEMB has partnered with AllNet Municipal Solutions to provide a central messaging system that can reach our ratepayers on various platforms; e-mail, text and yes even phone lines.

You now can stay in touch with what is happening within your town or municipality. Disposal site closures, meter readings, watermain breaks, boil water advisories, severe weather and evacuations are just a few topics you can get notified on.

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