UPDATED FEB 10: Weather Notification for Below Normal Temperatures and/or Periodic Extreme Wind Chills in the High Arctic and Manitoba – February 3-16, 2020

UPDATED: February 10, 2020


  • Cold wind chills, bordering on extreme periodically from Monday February 3 through the end of this week (February 15-16) for northern Manitoba, parts of NWT and NU. Southern Manitoba and parts of NU will moderate by February 14.
  • Wind chills will approach extreme values (-40 in southern Manitoba, -45 in northern Manitoba, -50 near Churchill, -55 in the Kivalliq and Kitikmeot Coast) at times during this period
  • Localized reduced visibility in blowing snow in the Red River Valley area Tuesday, February 11 after midnight


  • Frostbite will develop on exposed skin within minutes
  • Increased risk of hypothermia

Weather Event Details

Cold air remains entrenched over the Kitikmeot coast in the Arctic causing extreme cold wind chills, a wind chill of -65 was recorded this morning in the Arctic community of Gjoa Haven. Arctic air will push south on Tuesday evening behind an active cold front and bring extreme cold wind chills across Manitoba for the morning of Wednesday, February 12. As the cold front passes over the Red River Valley Tuesday, February 11 after midnight, there is the possibility of localized reduced visibility in blowing snow.

In the Arctic extreme wind chill conditions will moderate on Wednesday, February 12 to the -45 to -50 range, however stay in this wind chill range until early next week.

Thursday wind chills moderate over southern portions of Manitoba to the -30 to -35 range, however remain at -40 to -50 range for central and northern portions of the province. Extreme cold wind chills are expected to persist off and on for northern Manitoba until Monday February 17.



  • HIGH: Extreme Cold. Confidence is high for extreme cold wind chill in northern and central Manitoba. Confidence is high for below seasonal temperatures, but low-moderate for extreme cold wind chill in southern Manitoba until February 16.

Next Update

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This weather notification highlights the possibility of high impact weather on the Canadian Prairies and Arctic as defined in consultation with emergency management officials. These products are part of an experimental initiative at Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and therefore may not be available on a daily basis. Please continue to monitor weather forecasts as well as watches and warnings via http://www.weather.gc.ca/. Please address any questions, concerns and/or feedback regarding these products to the Decision Support Desk Meteorologists at the Prairie and Arctic Storm Prediction Centre, available by email at ec.soutienmeteoouest-weathersupportwest.ec@canada.ca.