Fisher Branch RCMP reminder regarding the use of off-road vehicles

The use of off-road vehicles (quads, side by sides, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, go carts, dune buggies, trikes, golf carts, etc.) is a fun and rewarding past time if you have an interest in backcountry trails, exploration, hunting, fishing or you may find it useful for agricultural purposes. During these troubling times of Covid-19, it is encouraged that people engage in outdoor activities such as this.

Any off-road vehicle (ORV) is simply that, an off-road vehicle. To date, the Rural Municipality of Fisher and the Fisher Branch RCMP have received numerous complaints of ORV’s driving on local streets and destroying town property. Officers and town officials try to use discretion for ORV’s providing operators are being safe and respectful.

Our concerns have grown as we have begun receiving complaints of erratic driving which poses a threat to public safety and causes property damage. This can be identified as power turns, driving at high speeds, fast accelerations, skids, racing, causing unnecessary noise and trespassing on private property.

The purpose of this article is to serve as a warning to those who operate ORV’s carelessly as the RCMP will be conducting additional enforcement under the Off-Road Vehicle Act. Elected town officials will also be forwarding received complaints to the RCMP. A list of current fines has been added below for your reference.

Depending on the severity of the offence(s), a seizure of the ORV will also take place, on top of fines, in which the registered owner will be responsible for fees incurred as a result the ORV being towed and impounded. The fines listed below are contrary to the Manitoba Off-Road Vehicles Act, O31. In addition, if an ORV has been identified causing damage to town, rural or private property, this could result in charges, including Mischief, under the Criminal Code of Canada which could result in a monetary fine and/or jail term. Furthermore, any injuries caused by the erratic operation on an ORV will be subject to investigation and potential charges under the Criminal Code of Canada.

The RCMP would also like to remind the public that operating an ORV while under the influence of alcohol or drugs carries the same penalty as operating a motor vehicle while impaired contrary to the Criminal Code of Canada.

The Off-Road Vehicles Act (Set Fines)

  • Operate an unregistered ORV – $113.00
  • Operate an ORV without displaying number plate – $113.00
  • Operate or permit the operation of an uninsured ORV – $298.00
  • Operate an ORV without a valid driver’s license – $298.00
  • Fail to wear a helmet – $174.00
  • Operate an ORV on or across a roadway or shoulder – $113.00
  • Fail to comply with a peace officers order – $298.00
  • Fail to produce driver’s license upon peace officers demand – $174.00
  • Operate an ORV carelessly – $672.00
  • Drive imprudently – $203.00
  • Operate an ORV where prohibited – $237.00
  • Fail to keep right of roadway and shoulder – $113.00
  • Disobey a traffic control device (stop sign) – $203.00
  • -Mischief Sec 430(4) Criminal Code of Canada – Everyone who commits mischief in relation to property,
    – is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

– is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction

(Martens Criminal Code 2020).

Any person who witnesses the erratic operation of an ORV is encouraged to contact the Fisher Branch RCMP at 204-372-8484 or the RM of Fisher Municipal office at 204-372-6393.