I, the undersigned, the Senior Election Official in the local authority, certify that below is an accurate summary of the votes counted for each candidate in respect of the election held Wednesday, October 24th, 2018:

Ward 3 Voting Station                             Votes Given

For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             157

                                SMITH, Don                                                        48

                For Councillor

                                IMLAH, Raymond                                             103

                                GAGALUK, Ron                                                 102

Ward 4 Voting Station

For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             62

                                SMITH, Don                                                        39

                For Councillor

                                NEVAKSHONOFF, Tom                                  87

                                DMYTERKO, Gordon                                       14

Ward 5 Voting Station

For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             78

                                SMITH, Don                                                        32

                For Councillor

                                LINDAL, Allan                                                    81

                                WEVURSKY, Gordie                                        21

                                STOCKI, Lyle                                                       12

Ward 6 Voting Station

For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             59

                                SMITH, Don                                                          7

                For Councillor

                                ABAS, Boyd                                          ACCLAIMED

Ward 7 Voting Station

For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             57

                                SMITH, Don                                                        43

                For Councillor

                                WEBB, Clint                                                        51

                                TANCHAK, Robert                                            47

L.U.D. of Fisher Branch Voting Station

                For Committee

                                PLETT, Dave                                                         ACCLAIMED

                                PLETT, Jessie                                                       ACCLAIMED         

Alternative Voting – (Advance, Sealed Envelope and Mobile)

For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             56

                                SMITH, Don                                                        17

                For Councillor Ward 3

                                GAGALUK, Ron                                                 15

                                IMLAH, Raymond                                             10

                For Councillor Ward 4

                                NEVAKSHONOFF, Tom                                   7

                                DMYTERKO, Gordon                                        3

                For Councillor Ward 5

                                LINDAL, Allan                                                    14

                                WEVURSKY, Gordie                                         4

                                STOCKI, Lyle                                                         1

                For Councillor Ward 6                                    ACCLAIMED

                For Councillor Ward 7

                                 WEBB, Clint                                                          7

                                TANCHAK, Robert                                             6


For Reeve

                                PYZIAK, Shannon                                             469

                                SMITH, Don                                                        186


                For Councillor

                     Ward 3            GAGALUK, Ron                                 117

                                                IMLAH, Raymond                             113


                     Ward 4            NEVAKSHONOFF, Tom                  94

                                                DMYTERKO, Gordon                       17


                     Ward 5            LINDAL, Allan                                    95

                                                WEVURSKY, Gordie                        25

                                                STOCKI, Lyle                                       13

                     Ward 6            ABAS, Boyd                                        ACCLAIMED

                     Ward 7            WEBB, Clint                                        58

                                             TANCHAK, Robert                            53

I also certify that 18 ballot papers were declined, rejected, spoiled or taken from the voting stations.

Dated at the Village of Fisher Branch in the Province of Manitoba, this 24th day of October, 2018.

Linda Podaima
Senior Election Official
Rural Municipality of Fisher