Manitoba Hydro Storm Clean-up & Salvage Operations

I M P O R T A N T  S A F E T Y  I N F O R M A T I O N

Although the immediate customer impact of the Thanksgiving Day winter storm that hit southern Manitoba is receding, Manitoba Hydro will be in the field for a few weeks yet cleaning up and salvaging broken and damaged equipment, poles, transformers, overhead wires and other materials. In an effort to restore customers quickly as possible, these materials were left in place as new infrastructure was built or existing infrastructure repaired.
We are asking all Rural Municipalites, First Nation communities, and key Stakeholder Groups to help us notify their constituents and members of the following safety information regarding these clean-up and salvage operations:

Treat all electrical equipment, wires, etc. as live – do not touch or approach a downed line, tower or pole. It could be live and cause electrocution. Do not try to move any damaged materials. The wires and poles may be from the Thanksgiving storm or could be from a more recent event. To ensure safety, people should be directed to call 1-888-MB-Hydro and select option 3 “to report a power line down or damage to Manitoba Hydro equipment”. Or to call 911 if the damage looks recent or it’s felt it poses an immediate public safety hazard.

If calling Manitoba Hydro, please remind people to provide a description of the location, and a contact name and telephone number in case Manitoba Hydro needs follow up information.

Power lines located in the South Central and Interlake areas were seriously damaged during the storm. Materials may be found in areas along road allowances, and may be adjacent to or on private property. However, customers should be on the lookout for damaged equipment in all areas of southern Manitoba. The following map outlines the approximate boundaries of areas impacted by the storm.

Some of these areas are in more remote locations and could pose a hazard to anyone riding offroad vehicles such as ATV’s or dirt bikes snowmobilers, or to cross country skiers and back country hikers.  Livestock producers or those with animals on their property should try to keep all livestock, horses and other animals away from areas with downed power lines, broken poles or damaged equipment to avoid injury or entanglement.
Manitoba Hydro anticipates completing cleanup and salvage operations by mid-November, weather and operational conditions permitting.  Although the utility is accelerating cleanup efforts, poor weather such as a heavy snowfall occurring before work is complete could result in materials being left in areas over the winter months. This could pose an extreme hazard to snowmobilers using road allowances or traveling in areas near Manitoba Hydro power lines over the winter months. Snowmobilers must exercise EXTREME CAUTION when riding in areas impacted by this storm.

Please call 1-888-MBHYDRO if you see anything that concerns you.
Call 911 immediately if you see downed lines!