RM of Fisher Municipal Storm Restoration Summary Update
October 17, 2019
Storm of October 2019
• This storm is an unprecedented event for Manitoba – both in terms of the damage it’s caused and the number of customers affected by outages.
• Between October 10th and 14th, Manitoba Hydro received 226 400 ‘no power’ calls.
• Damage to Manitoba Hydro’s electricity system is extensive and included damage to:
o Over 100 transmission towers.
o An estimated 700 to 800 kilometres of distribution power lines were damaged (including 3 600 wood poles).
• Manitoba Hydro’s response to this storm has been hampered by extremely difficult road and travel conditions. Some roads were completely impassible until Sunday and accessing our infrastructure – much of which is off-road – remains a challenge even with specialized flex-track equipment and snowmobiles.
• Manitoba Hydro was also unable to use helicopters, in some cases, due to adverse weather conditions that prevented the deployment of crews into a number of affected First Nation communities on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.
• Manitoba Hydro has mobilized more than 1 000 employees in a concerted effort to restore power to its customers.
Damage report for RM of Fisher
The RM of Fisher suffered an unprecedented weather event on October 10th, 2019. Significant snowfall and high winds resulted in damage to our transmission, sub-transmission and distribution lines. The heavy snow and high winds made the roads impassable causing extensive delays in restoration efforts.
Restoration Process
• Once Manitoba Hydro was able to access the lines serving these communities, the initial focus was on doing an assessment of the damage so that the needed materials and equipment could be sourced and crews could be mobilized. This was occurring at the same time that plans were being developed to target the hardest hit areas.
• The next step was to repair the sub-transmission lines and stations that deliver electricity to the regional service area.
• It’s important to note that focusing on the repair / replacement of transmission infrastructure is a priority because if they’re not restored, local feeder lines – including those that supply affected First Nations – cannot receive the electricity sent down those lines.
• Once the sub-transmission and stations are restored, crews can work out from these electricity sources – rebuilding the lines that deliver the energy to rural areas. (In many cases, this will mean a total rebuild of those lines.)
• Manitoba Hydro has more than 1 000 staff from across the province that have been dispatched to restore power to our customers, particularly those in the hardest hit areas.
• As a result of our mutual aid agreements with neighboring provinces and states in Ontario, Saskatchewan and Minnesota, we have been ably assisted by the following companies with our restoration efforts:
o SaskPower, Hydro One, Minnesota Power – have provided crews, specialized equipment and materials
Current State – RM of Fisher
• As of 7:00 a.m. Thursday, October 17th there are about 22 customers registered as without power.
• IVR automated calls will be going out to customers in this area today.
On-Going Status: Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR)
Estimated Time of restoration*
• Sub-transmission lines
Lines that power up stations
• Stations
Fenced off areas with large transformers that supply the lines for cities and/or rural areas
• Feeders
Lines that supply customers throughout cities and rural areas. There are typically three to six feeders per station.
• Individual customers
For the purpose of this report, these are customers that are still out of power after the feeders have been restored due to a very localized and site specific issue
1-2 days
Critical customers without power
What is planned to be restored over the next 24 hours:
*Please note that Estimated Times for Restoration are estimates only. While we try to be as accurate as possible, actual restoration times will depend on conditions discovered as crews work down from larger transmission, main distribution, to local distribution and individual customer service drops. While we have completed our assessments, as repairs progress it is not uncommon to discover more damage that
may require additional, unforeseen repairs. In addition, unforeseen access issues can arise, affecting restoration estimates.


For more information, please contact:
James Pelletier – jamespelletier@hydro.mb.ca Phone – 1-204-482-2525 Cell – 1-204-461-0825
Q. My house is cold, what can I do?
• Never use portable fuel-burning equipment – generators, patio heaters, barbecues or camp stoves – inside your home for heating.
• Fuels from these (natural gas, wood, propane, oil, gasoline, diesel, coal or kerosene) create Carbon Monoxide (CO) – a highly toxic gas that makes you sick and can cause death.
• If it is safe for you to travel – please stay with a friend, neighbour or family member until your power is restored; or contact your local municipal government for information on emergency shelters established in your area.
Q. Who is going to pay for my hotel, travel, relocation costs during the outage?
• Manitoba Hydro is not responsible for costs incurred by temporarily relocating from your home.
Q. How will this response affect other customer services?
• Customers reaching out to Manitoba Hydro with non-essential service or information requests should expect delays in our response while we redirect staff resources to assist with storm restoration efforts. We ask for, and appreciate, your patience in this extraordinary situation.