This year, we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the container collection program and would like to thank you for your support throughout the years. We are also taking this opportunity to pass on some important information about our recycling and stewardship programs.

Empty jug collection

Miller Environmental is the collection contractor for the Manitoba program again this year. They will begin operations around the beginning of May (weather permitting). Collections will continue through November.

Clean, rinsed containers- clean collection sites

Making sure containers are triple or pressure-rinsed (when possible) is our top priority. Please help us promote proper container rinsing procedures to growers. Contact us for brochures, signage or additional tools.

Seed Treatment Containers

Seed treatment products are a ready-to-use product that is not diluted with water, and therefore not able to be rinsed by growers. You will recognize these containers by the bright red or blue dye all over the inside of the container. Please accept these containers with the caps ON to avoid the dye leaking onto the clean containers. These will be picked up and shredded separately and sent for safe disposal. All other containers should be rinsed when they are returned.

Jug collection bag — pilot distribution

This year Cleanfarms will be working with a select group of retailers in Manitoba to distribute plastic collection bags to growers when they purchase their products. Collection bags help make handling and transporting large numbers of empty jugs easier. Growers are instructed to thoroughly rinse their containers (caps and paper books removed), place them in a collection bag and drop them off at their local municipal collection site. If you encounter empty jugs inside collection bags, please continue to inspect for rinsing, but there is no need to remove the containers from the bag.

Bulk pesticide containers (drums and totes)

All ag retailers across Canada accept the drums and totes for recycling. Please do not accept containers larger than 23 L at your municipal site. Growers should be instructed to return the container to where it was purchased, or to call Cleanfarms at 1-877-622-4460 for more information.

Obsolete collection

Every three years in each province, Cleanfarms holds a collection program for old and unwanted pesticides and animal health medications. The next obsolete collection program will take place in Manitoba this fall (2019) at 20 ag retail locations around the province. More information will be distributed to stakeholders and municipalities later this year once dates, and sites are confirmed.

Communication material

Communication material samples are included in this package. You will notice that we are highlighting the 30th anniversary for container collection and also are encouraging farmers to go for the inspirational goal of recycling 100% of their containers. To achieve this, we need your help. Please help us communicate the recycling message. If you did not receive a new outdoor sign last year, or to order new communication material visit our web site,, or call us at 416-622-4460.

Thank you for making these programs convenient and accessible to farmers and thank you for helping us keep our agricultural communities clean.


Shane Hedderson

Western Canadian Business Manager

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The following pamphlets have information on how to clean the pesticide and fertilizer containers. cleanfarms pamphlets-rotated