Poplarfield Disposal Site

Cleaning out your basement or garage and need to dispose of your household hazardous waste? The following items will be accepted at the Poplarfield Disposal Site on the above date: 

HOUSEHOLD PAINTPaint products including aerosols 

FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS & WASTE GASOLINEProducts that display the flammable symbol and are a liquid or aerosol. Gasoline will be accepted only in an approved gas or jerry can. (For safety reasons, the gasoline container cannot be returned to the consumer at drop off.)

PESTICIDESConsumer pesticides that have the poison symbol, the Pest Control Product (PCP) number & the word “domestic” on the label.

TOXICSProducts that display the poison symbol, says “Danger” and is a liquid or aerosol.

CORROSIVESProducts that display the corrosive symbol, and is a liquid, aerosol or solid.

PHYSICALLY HAZARDOUS (Non-refillable fuel gas cylinders)Products that display both the flammable symbol & explosive symbol.


The following items WILL NOT be accepted:

Commercial, industrial or agricultural products, Unidentifiable, unknown or unlabelled products

Leaking or improperly sealed products, Mercury switches, Fertilizer

Non-aerosol automotive paint, Non-aerosol craft paint, Quick-drying or line-marking paint,

Two-part or component paint containing catalyst or activator, Paint in glass containers,

Brushes, rags and rollers, Wine and distilled spirits, Refillable propane cylinders,

Ammunition, Drugs and medicines, Diesel, Caulking compound,

Insect repellents, disinfectants, & pet products, Cosmetics, Medical sharps